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How To Teach Your Kid Self Management Skills

Parents always want to inculcate self management skills in their children. Further, the main focus of a parent is to make their child well capable of managing their own lives effectively. Self Management Skills are vital for success in both personal and professional life. Bubbles Junior School, Sahastradhara is one of the renowned institutions, that focuses on making the children well-learned to lead the society. Self-managing skills help to make a child well-learned with all-around development, and managing things at an early age. Therefore, being a parent we are always worried about our child to make him learn about Self Management. 

Kids require proper counseling and the right knowledge about the act whatever they are performing. Therefore, it becomes the prime duty of the parents, elders, and teachers to make the child well-equipped with qualities like time management, socializing, responsible, being a riddle-solver, and much more. 

How To Teach Your Kid Self-Management Skills?

Learning Skills are developed in the child from an early stage of his life. But making him know what is good and bad is the duty of the elders. Overall, Self Management helps to become an individual with a better personality. Therefore, here are some skills that can help you to teach your child Self Management Skills.

1. Teach Time Management

Time management plays a vital role in Self Management Skills. Knowing your child to prioritize the right things is a good medium. This will lead him to understand the value of time. The usage of a timer or a stopwatch can help your child manage their time effectively. Moreover, encourage him to break down larger tasks into smaller cores. This will help to ease the burden.

2. Foster Responsibility

Dealing with things responsibly is an important part of Self Management Skills. Teach your child to take responsibility for the actions and decisions, whatsoever he does. Make him evaluate the consequences of whatever action he is taking and encourage him to think before he acts. Teach them to take full responsibility for the deed either it leads to a mistake and learn from them.

3. Encourage Problem-Solving

Teach your child to solve the issues on their own at the initial level. Make him work smartly and encourage him to think accordingly and come up with solutions to the problem he is facing. Help him to acknowledge his mistakes. As mistakes are parts of the learning process. And make him realize that it is completely fine to ask for help when needed.

4. Model Self-Management Skills

As parents, we are always role models for our children. Our child always enacts in the same way as we are leading our lives. Model Self Management skill helps in setting goals, sticking to particular routines, managing your time effectively, and taking responsibility for your action wholeheartedly. Hence, your child will learn from a good role model and try to develop these skills in him too.

5. Start Early

It is always better to start teaching your child Self Management Skills at an early stage. Even toddlers can learn basic skills such as how to control their anger, anxiety, impulses, and much more. As he grows older, you can introduce him to more advanced Learning Skills such as goal-setting, time management, and decision-making.

6. Set A Good Example

Children learn pretty well from the example. Therefore, parents must model good self-management skills. In case you want your child to learn how to manage their time effectively then the parent should be a good time manager, henceforth, the child will learn from you. Or in case you want your child to learn how to make good decisions then it’s the parent’s responsibility to show them how to acknowledge the advantages and disadvantages of different options. Moreover, when you send your child to pre-primary, he always attracts to his teacher. Henceforth Pre Primary School learning should always be taken into consideration.

7. Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool for teaching Self Management Skills. If your child practices good self-management skills, such as staying focused on a task or making a responsible decision then positive feedback makes them super active and more creative and learning. This will encourage them to continue practicing these skills.

8. Set Goals

Setting goals is an important Self Management Skills that can be taught to children of all ages. Encourage your child to start setting goals from an early stage. Help your child to set small goals, such as completing a homework assignment or cleaning their room, getting a high score, and much more. Once your child starts learning about things and gets older then you can encourage him to set more challenging goals for himself, such as learning a new skill or scoring good marks and much more. Encourage your child to set achievable goals that are specific, measurable, and time-bound.

9. Teach Decision-Making Skills

Pre Primary School is the best source to make your child acknowledge making good decisions.  Tell them, how to evaluate the pros and cons of the options which he is choosing. Encourage them to consider the consequences of their decisions and to make decisions that align with their values and goals.

10. Encourage Self-Reflection

Self-reflection plays a vital role that can help children learn from their mistakes. Henceforth, it will help a child to positive amendments to future decisions. Encourage your child to evaluate their actions and decisions. This will help them develop a good mindset.

11. Teach Stress Management Skills

Stress is a part of life. It’s important to teach children how to manage it healthily. Each one of us engages with the Social Skills where we try ourselves to relax and unwind with various activities like exercise, reading, or spending time with friends and family. 


Teaching your child about Self Management Skills is an important part of parenting. By setting goals, creating routines, teaching time management, fostering responsibility, encouraging problem-solving, and modelling self-management skills, elders can help kids to become independent and responsible individuals for successful people’s life. As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be successful and well-adjusted individuals. Further, Bubbles Junior School is keen on focusing on management skills in children. Developing self-management Learning Skills can help an individual in numerous ways such as controlling their emotions, behaviour, and thoughts positively. These skills can be applied to all areas of life, from managing time and money to making good decisions and staying focused. By learning Self Management Skills at Bubbles Junior School, you can flourish your child’s growth and development by making him good at emotional, sensory, motor, intellectual, and physical skills. Henceforth, these are the vital skills that help him to become a good individual. In case you are looking for a school for making your child learn Self Management Skills then we suggest you go through the above blog and acknowledge our way of dealing with things. Moreover, if you have any queries, do visit our school premises or our authorized portal at your convenience. Allow us to give your child the best learning skills with fun. Reach us at your convenience at 098978 83767, or on our website online.

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