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Questions to Ask When Looking for Pre Primary School

Pre Primary School is a place where children learn how to express themselves in the early stages of their life. Moreover, pre-primary school involves the kids in social, physical, intellectual, and moral development, which is necessary for life. Primary students are exposed to a variety of activities that help them in their development. The basic question to ask when looking at pre-primary school is to ensure the kid is learning moral and educational values.

Today, pre-nursery offers a special set of activities that teach young kids special skills and are highly enjoyable. Today, pre-primary school such as Bubbles junior School has become much more fun and highly communicative. 

What Exactly Is Pre-primary School?

Preschool or nursery school are all the same. It is a basic level where the kids are taught early education which is necessary for the development of their brain in the right way. Moreover, it is publicly handled as well as privately handled. You can do the school admission in a public primary school or a private one. 

Here are some questions to ask when looking for a pre-primary school.

While looking for pre primary class for your kid, check the following things before the admission 

1. What Do Pre-School Offers?

Pre-primary schooling is essential for providing a foundation for your kid‘s social, mental, and overall health. Therefore, looking carefully really at how the staff is, are they good with kids? What is the set of activities they are providing, etc? It is important to consider that the initial years of a kid’s life build up the basis for their entire life, and kids who fall behind in these initial years often lack things and fail to catch up with their friends. Therefore, this leads them to drop out in their upcoming years at college or university. The kindergarten is typically designed for kids around 3 to 5 years of age. 

2. The Foundation Of The Pre Primary School

Another question to ask when looking for pre primary school is what is the basic foundation of the school and what they are giving Importance to while providing pre primary schooling. Here are some pointers you can consider 

  • Encourage kids to explore and learn 
  • Assist them in smooth adaptation to a new environment. That is helping with socialization with the other kids and helping them express themselves.
  • Helping in Developing your kid’s personality in various directions and positively encouraging them. 

3. Objects Of Pre Primary Schooling 

The question to ask when looking for pre primary school is, “what are their main objectives?” Here are some key objectives that you can consider and look for in a kindergarten school.

  • To promote the social development of kids.
  • To promote self-development and to express themselves.
  • Being optimistic and encouraging a positive environment. 
  • Teaching speaking skills and participating in activities. 
  • Encouraging loving and general values among the kids. 
  • Getting them into meaningful activities will encourage them to get more achievements. 
  • Booster of their learning and educational skills.
  • Having a home-like loving environment and at the same time having a school-based atmosphere. 

4. Check The Activities Of The Past Year 

The best thing you can do is do some research on your own. Get two or three pre-schools as your target and compare their past activities. Look at their websites and the activities they provide and have been doing. What are the results? If you know someone whose toddler was in the same preschool, then consider asking them for some reviews regarding the preschool that you have decided to get admission to for your toddler. Then you can get some idea regarding what you need to consider and promise the nursery school is for your kid‘s development.

You can look at what kind of activities they are providing the children and how well the school has been performing. Some activities you should consider in the early years are 

  • Playing
  • Painting 
  • Dancing 
  • Group activities 
  • Fun projects 
  • Physical activities and games 
  • Public speaking skills

5. Importance Of Pre-Primary Education

Another question to ask when looking for pre primary school is what is the importance of Pre-Primary Education? 

The most effective and easy way to understand primary education value is to consider its significance of it. Recent studies show that children who skipped pre primary school had a difficult time dealing with other kids and the teacher at the school level. Primary learning acts as a good way to help them understand the schooling system and accept it completely. The kids who attend pre primary schooling have a stronger foundation and behave optimistically in their schooling years. Kids who miss their pre primary schooling are having a  much weaker foundation when compared. It’s hard for them to catch up with the other kids. Therefore, pre-primary schooling plays an important role in your toddler’s life.

Nursery education encourages an enriched environment that helps in academic simulation, and a variety of socialization opportunities which is important in our society and is considered a life skill. Early pre primary school teaching also helps in their

emotional, mental, social, and also their physical education. This certainly helps them grow in the right manner and maintain their mental and physical well-being. 

The curriculum for primary school is simple yet effective. Moreover, now it has become much more Innovative and engaging, and enjoyable for kids. Pre primary school is the first step towards creative thinking and supports their entire life. Moreover, this helps in communication skills between the toddler and the parents. 

6. What Is The Admission Process?

The admission process for the study for pre primary school is pretty simple and not complicated. This will require you to contact the school and see when they have openings for the kids. Moreover, look for the application forms which will be listed on the preschool website, or directly give them a call. You can go to the inquiry at the school in person to get to know how the school is working as well. Check out the fee charges, the registration charge, and if there are any additional charges for pre primary school. Look at the fee structure and accordingly, you can compare two or more pre-schools that you have decided to take nursery or kg admission in for your toddler. 

You can get the official admission in the pre primary school process of the target pre primary school you wish your toddler to join at the school’s official website.


The biggest question to ask when looking at pre primary school is whether, are they promoting confidence, do they encourage curiosity and are they having public speaking activities along with several other games and social skills. If yes, then the school is having a perfect curriculum for your toddler and their development.

Things to remember and questions to ask when looking at primary school have become pretty simple. Look for the activities provided and the teaching staff and their experience. Quality of education is extremely crucial while learning social and moral skills. Bubbles Junior School helps the child to develop such skills and beliefs to nurture with care. Admissions are open for pre primary school at Bubbles Junior School for the 2023 session. Visit Bubbles Junior School, Sahastradhara’s official website to know more. 


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