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Parenting Tips For New Parents

Becoming new parents is the most overwhelming thing ever. Bubbles Junior school understands your concern regarding their education and hence has come forth with great parenting tips just for you. Being a parent is like being on an adventure, every day is coming up with new challenges, hence nurturing the kids with care is extremely crucial as they learn new things in life. 

Advice for new parents can be many and endless. Moreover, parenting tips for new parents are not limited but there are some key pieces of advice that you can take which can be helpful in the long run. Furthermore, becoming a parent raises all bars for you to come to a certain expectation. But, the best parenting tips for new parents is to calm down and relax and put the pressure away. 

Here is some parenting tips advice to nurture with care and become the most loved parents:

1. Live In The Moment 

Stop worrying about things to do or making a list of things you need to do. Just do what you came at the moment and all through the day get things done at your own pace. This is probably a good parenting tip for new parents and then for them to keep it simple. 

2. Food Habits 

Don’t worry too much about the meals and don’t panic. It is one of the best parenting tips for new parents. Experiment with what they like to eat and if you find something that they like then you can make that when you are a bit confused reading the meals and their mood swings. Their Food habits are going to be odd but you will learn along the way. Remember to not panic and not get frustrated. They will eat when hunger comes along for sure. 

3. Bedtime 

Make it a habit to have a strict bedtime. Moreover, children learning at a younger age to go to bed at a proper time is the best thing for them. Do not compromise on sleeping time. Make sure they spend time doing activities in the daytime. Bedtime is the best time to recover, that’s an important parenting tip for parents. 

4. Learn the word “No” 

Learning how to say no is crucial as well. Not everything should be a yes. With all the experience you have, listen to your gut feeling and if something doesn’t suit the situation then say no. Sometimes they will be mad but it’s the time they learn that everything is not a good idea. Even when they act up, be firm on your decision. As a parent , a good parenting tip for new parents is that you will always ensure the best for them, even if it’s a no at certain times. Completing their every demand is not necessary. As in life, they will face some challenges where they won’t get what they want, and you need to prepare them for it. 

5. Have Some Traditions At Home 

Having some traditions at home is a great way to let them learn some family bonding. Remember, a healthy family environment is good for mental health. Let them know they can trust you the most and having mini traditions will ensure them that you are there for them no matter what. Gathering together for family traditions is a good way to teach them family values and be there for each other through hard times as well is a good parenting tips for new parents. 

6. Sick Days Will come 

Don’t panic when they get sick. As their immune system is growing and learning how to fight, they will get sick along the way. Ensure to have basic glucose powder and keep them hydrated. Take them to the doctor you trust and teach them to be calm and give them extra care and love. Be with them throughout the sickness and help them recover with lots of care and loving and good clean food. 

7. Know Their problems, Have A Talk 

Try to have a good bond with them by having a talk with them and listening to them. Having a good talk after a whole day is a good habit. Ask them about their day and how they feel. Are they feeling okay? Remember, teach them to share their feelings and ensure their mental health is okay. 

8. Tell Them About Emergency Contacts 

One of the other parenting tips for new parents is to inform them about emergency contacts and whom they can trust during certain emergencies. Teaching them this is extremely crucial and telling them to be ready for certain things is a plus. 

9. Keep In Mind You Are Their Role Model 

Kids see and learn the same things along the way. Therefore, you need to have good behavior and teach them how to tackle their problem. Remember, don’t be like a robot and be human and teach them how having a good conversation and finding out solutions is important. 

10. Show Authority 

Showing Authority is extremely important. Let them know you have the authority when it comes to making important decisions. Teaching them the importance of listening to you is also a valuable lesson or else they will start doing things the way they want. 

11. Teach Them How To Handle Money 

Give them pocket money but not just like that. Teaching them money doesn’t grow on trees is another lesson in their life that they should learn from early on. Teach them to do chores around the house as responsible family members but ensure to not let them be mistaken that they are doing the chores for the money. Teach them the chores as a family duty. 

12. Have Some Time For Yourself 

Parent tip for new parents includes to know that a parent is a 24-hour job. But remember, you are a human as well and you need to rest. Ask your parents to take the children for some hours and have time to rest and reset your brain. If your brain and heart are functioning well then only you can be the role model they look up to. So ensure to relax and take time for yourself. 

13. Don’t Have Sudden Changes

If you want to make some changes, don’t make them sudden. Go slowly and set a goal to reach that change. Make ladder steps to reach your desired change and let them be comfortable with the changes that are happening around them. 

14. Say Sorry When You Are Wrong 

When you are wrong make sure you talk with them. Teach them that you are human and you make mistakes. This will teach them how to admit if they are in the wrong and then try to do the right thing. Teach them that one cannot be perfect 24/7. It’s human to make mistakes. But making them correct them is the right attitude towards life. 


The best parenting tip someone can give you is to nurture your kids with care and love. Trust your instincts and be yourself. Kids learn what they see, so be an active role model for them. Give them the best education along with preschool learning activities with Bubbles Junior School, Sahastradhara’s excellent staff. Where they believe to nurture with care. Admissions are open at Bubbles Junior School, Sahastradhara. Contact them today to give your toddler the best experience towards education with multiple activities for preschoolers. Get in touch with Bubbles Junior School! Admissions are open for 2023. 

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