Best Tips for Parents Helping in Homework

Top 16 Best Tips for Parents Helping in Homework

Searching for the best tips for parents helping in homework? You are at the right place. As the education system is updating, homework is becoming something that the child needs help with. This also means that the parents need to be updated regarding the studies as well. Bubbles Junior School gives a complete guide to the students regarding homework and gives the best tips for parents helping in homework of their ward. 

Helping in homework is completely essential nowadays. Children easily lose interest therefore homework tips for parents to encourage them to study at home are essential. After- primary school study is an important time, students doing homework at home are most likely to be more likely to be smart in life. 

Here are some best tips for parents helping in homework 

  1. Be Comfortable 

The best homework-parent tip: get everything in place before you even begin. Moreover, don’t let the concentration break down. Stock up with all the school supplies and the stationery necessary for the school work. Keep away from distractions like the TV and video games and especially phones. Keep them on silent, especially your phone, and avoid calling your family at that time. 

  2. If you need to use the computer 

For homework for students, In between, if you want to use the computer then set it up in a study room or a common area. Do not set the computer in the bedroom. This will discourage them from playing video games or even chatting or surfing the internet. 

  3. Parental control 

You must have parental control on your TV as well as your computer to ensure they do homework. Restrict the channels and let them view them when the playtime or TV time is there. This will make them learn about time management. 

  4. Offer Support 

Sit with your child to support them throughout the class homework session. If they ask questions, do not discourage them but try to find the answer right away. Provide the urge to give the right answer or complete certain assignments. Make it more fun and have a happy environment. It is one of the best tips for parents helping in homework.

  5. Develop problem-solving skills

Developing problem-solving skills is extremely crucial. Encourage them to do the assignments on their own and give them tips if they are having some issues. Try to develop confidence in them and let them solve the issues on their own. This will be a great exercise for them to correct themselves on their own and not repeat the mistakes twice. 

  6. Maintain a routine 

Ensuring a proper routine is one of the Best Tips for Parents Helping in Homework. Routines make everything possible. If you are having a proper routine then it will be beneficial for the kids. Giving them the habit of having a routine will help them understand that now it’s time to study. This will also help them manage their time and learn time management and do the rest of the activities before the time for homework arrives. 

  7. Make a strategy 

It’s Good to have a strategy while the teachers are informed regarding the needs of students doing homework. You can choose to get the hard assignments first or the easy ones before the hard ones. It depends on you and your child. If you think they can tackle the easy one first and develop interest, then go for the easy one first. If you think the hard ones should be tackled first so that the easy ones can be done later, then it’s okay as well. Keep the mind fresh for the hard ones first, and let them have a clear mind while doing it.

   8. Give A Break

 Ensure to have break sessions in between. If you have break sessions in between, this will allow you to come back and concentrate with a fresh mind. A human brain can fully concentrate for 45 minutes straight. Therefore, it is important to give breaks in between to ensure full attention is maintained.Hence, giving breaks is one of the other best tips for parents helping in homework.

   9. Help Them Organize 

You can help them use calendars and planners and teach them how to be organized. Tell them to plan the assignments and when and how to do them by using a calendar and planner. Help them organize their work and teach them how to do it on time. 

   10. Real-world and school world, mix them 

Try to give them the application of what they are learning in school that can be applied to the real world as well. This will help them understand that whatever they are studying is having a purpose and use as well in the real world. Try connecting the school work with the real world and help them understand the concept.

   11. Be There

Always be present for your child and give them encouragement and tips. You sitting with them will Make them understand they can’t skip a day and act lazy. Being a parent is surely a task because we need to establish a sense of responsibility in the children by making them understand how a proper routine is essential along with time management.

  12.  Be in touch with the teacher 

sometimes It’s better to be in touch with the teacher. If your toddler is not able to explain what is going on, then you can contact the teacher and wait until after school gets over and have a word with the teacher. Being in touch with the teacher will be extremely beneficial for you. And this will also make the teacher understand your troubles with your toddler and then how to find a solution for it. 

   13. Extra Help

If your toddler needs an extra hand, don’t hesitate. Help them but do not do the whole task yourself. Help them whenever it is needed but let them finish their projects on their own. This will help them understand how they need to manage their work with playtime and their whole routine.

    14. Revise 

If certain things need revising, then ensure to sit with them and you can quiz them on it. Quizzing can be pretty interesting and fun. With the right answers, you can provide stars or any fun thing that gets them excited to revise more often. Having fun activities while doing homework seems to work wonders. Be innovative as much as possible. 

     15. Ditch The traditional way

Be innovative when it comes to getting your toddlers to do their homework and teaching them a sense of responsibility. Be as much fun as you can be and make the learning process something interesting. Try to give practical lessons and apply things in real life so they can understand the concept more.

   16. Give Them Treats 

Once a week you can give them treats and get them to eat something that they like. You can do this after the whole week’s performance is good and encourage them to work harder the next week. Remember to keep the treats small and only go a little with the treats.


When it comes to the best tips for parents helping in homework then Bubbles Junior School gives the best advice regarding your and your ward’s relationship at home. Moreover, homework at home is as crucial as classwork. Working like a team, both the school staff and the parents, for the development of the child in the right direction is something the school pays attention to. Admissions are open at Bubbles Junior School, Sahastradhara. Book a seat today and give your toddler the best education that he deserves.

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