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5 Best Summer Camp Activities For Kids To Enjoy

Involving your child in a camp is the best way to provide exposure to your loved ones! Usually, some kids are quite shy or love to stay isolated in the early stage of their growth whereas few kids are hyperactive in nature and need the right channel to divert their energy. Introducing your child to the summer camp activities is the coolest way to know about likes, dislikes, habits, activities, behaviour, and much more gestures of a child towards life. Therefore, involving a kid to play activities helps the child to evaluate the right direction of his liking. Moreover, a few kids are good at crafts activities, therefore they can be introduced to the pathways which lead to creativity in the work and much more. Summer camp activities are the best activities that you can provide to your child.

Feeling bored during your summer vacation? Want to do something exciting in your summer holidays? Involve your child in the camp activities, and help your child with overall development. In case you are wondering about the 5 best Summer Camp Activities for Kids to Enjoy, then join the summer camp of Bubbles Junior School, Sahastradhara. Here, the children are introduced to numerous summer camp activities for kids, which help in their overall development and growth.

5 Best Summer Camp Activities For Kids To Enjoy

1. Games

Games involve a lot of physical, mental, and body strength to win. Therefore with fun activities, one may learn about numerous acts of life. It helps to inculcate the emotions of patience, anxiety, fear, happiness, and many other things. During the summer activity camp, tug of war is the most popular game that is played. 

Tug Of War: Involving kids in the game is the best way to make a child active. Games help to keep the mind and body fit and fine. Tug of war is a game that is played between two teams. It is a test of strength, teamwork, coordination, and understanding. 

In this game, a big rope is taken. Where on the centre of it a cloth is tied to mark the centre. Thereafter both teams try to pull the rope towards themself. Teams from opposite ends pull the rope towards them. And at last, the centre cloth reaches whosoever team, wins!

2. Art And Craft

Art and craft help to flourish the skills of creativity, imagination, fantasy, and desire. In the summer camp activities, children are asked to do various activities such as putting a button on the shirt, spray paint, various ways to tie the laces, glass painting, best out of waste, aesthetic painting, and much more. All such deeds help the child to develop their mind. 

Moreover, during the summer camp activities for kindergarten, the children are made to play in the sand. It helps to develop the motor skills and sensory skills of the young ones. During arts and crafts activities, children use their various sources of the body such as wrist, fingers, and hands. This is the best part that is done in the camp activities.

3. Nature Trail

In today’s era, kids are so involved in the screens that they have forgotten the essence of playing outside. A study says that if a child spends more time outside playing on the ground they will be happier, stronger, and more confident as compared to the other kids. Taking your child to nature trials enhances their good lifestyle. Therefore, during the summer camp activities for kids, the nature trail is the most considered part of the camp. 

A group of children is taken outside for the nature trial turn wise and asks them to experience the things that are going around them. Hence, it helps to experience the motion of curiosity and learning. Moreover, different smells are present in nature. The child knows and learns about various flowers, trees, bushes, and much more. 

When the kids are outside, they are given the liberty to play in the mud, water, and bushes. Henceforth, the camp activities develop the confidence of dealing with things casually.

 4. Yoga

Yoga is the best way to open up your body, mind, and soul. It helps to deal with enormous ups and downs with the flow. However, during the summer camp activities, when the child is asked to do yoga it is to make them learn how to deal with numerous phases of life.

On a daily basis, a child goes through depression and anxiety during class tests, annual examinations, being a part of completion, and numerous other things that cause such feelings. Therefore, yoga helps to pace down all the tantrums. Though, during the summer camp, yoga will be one of the fun activities, if one continues then he can learn a lot of lessons in life. 

Summer activities like yoga help the child with emotional regulation, mindfulness, awareness, self-esteemed flexibility, strength, patience, and much more. 

 5. Dance

Activities like dance are one of the 5 best Summer Camp Activities for Kids to Enjoy. Dance helps to keep the aura energetic and focused. Moreover, the kids of today’s era are so much involved in Activities which attract others towards them. Introducing dance as an activity in the summer camp activities makes the child pampered and focused on learning. The benefits of doing dance are physical fitness, increased concentration level, remaining focused, enhance cardiovascular system, boost muscle strength, enhance respiratory functioning, flexibility in the body, bring balance to the body’s organs, and much more. 

During the summer camp activities for kindergarten, the child is benefitted from the overall development of the body functioning. Moreover, dance has an important effect on the regulation of the blood in the vessels of the mind too. However, certain schools such as Bubbles Junior School, Sahastradhara, focus on bringing the inner talent and creativity of the child during the summer activities. 


Summer vacation is the best time to enhance and polish the skills of your little ones. The play activities help a child to develop, learn and act the way he grasps. Therefore, the overall development of a child is linked to various factors of the learning patterns of life. Henceforth, the complete behaviour of the child lies in the things he does and learns in his early stage. Therefore, instead of wasting the time of summer holidays, it’s best to send your child to the summer camp that schools organize. Here, a child learns about crafts activities, yoga, dance, and much more. 

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